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History: The earliest traces of population found, dating back to the late Neolithic period (2000-1500 BC.). However, prominent early settlers not appear until centuries VII - VI BC, were the Laietans an Iberian people. According to tradition, during the Second Punic War, the Carthaginians took the city, refounded by Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal and the name derives from the lineage Carthaginian Barcelona Barca though, however, no evidence of the presence in the plain Carthaginian Barcelona. After the defeat of that town by the increasing domination of the Romans, they took the territory to 218. C. and renamed the city as a colony Ivlia AVGVSTA Faventia PATERNA BARCINO between 15 a. C. and 10 a. C.. In the world map of Ptolemy Barcino appears with the name. In the second century was fortified by order of the Roman Emperor Claudius and already in the third century had a population of between 4,000 and 8,000. In the Middle Ages, the Visigoths, made it the capital of the Spanish territories, it suffered several Muslim attacks that destroyed the city almost, but Borrell II reconstruction began flourishing period giving way to Barcelona. The decline began in the fifteenth century, and did not recover until the late eighteenth century, when it again became an important political, economic and cultural. In 1897 the city could tear down its walls and annexed six neighboring municipalities, which allowed him to grow and plan for urban and industrial development led by the innovative plan of Ildefonso Cerda's Eixample, which charted the streets in grid and chamfered corners. Barcelona, was also hosted two World Fairs in 1888 and 1929. In 1992 the celebration of the Olympic Games, boosted socio cultural and economic development, high up to Barcelona as a tourist center of global concern .. Heritage and architecture of Barcelona: In the city and throughout the province of Catalonia, we find traces of other civilizations, chapels, churches, monasteries, shrines, castles, walls, and towers that take us back to the past, as well as landmark buildings, shows the creative genius of great artists who left their mark of modernism.

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